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10 Features of Best CBSE Schools in Pune

Sanghita Bhuyan
Jul 30, 2021
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Education is one of the most important pillars of public life in Pune. Due to its international importance as a leading cosmopolitan city, Pune has a healthy population. Parents belonging to a different nationality prefer international schools thanks to their easier admission criteria. 

Consequently, many international schools in Pune have sprung up in the last few years with each of them offering different facilities and features catered for different students.

Most international schools within Pune offer various educational curriculums. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma is one of the more popular choices offered. The CBSE curriculum still remains the most chosen curriculum. 

Let us go through some of the features that these CBSE schools in Pune are offering to students of all age groups, right from kindergarten to high school.

Top Features of CBSE Schools in Pune for Students

1. Primary Languages taught in CBSE Schools in Pune

Many schools in Pune have been offering courses to students which focus on the usage of two or more languages. Learning new languages has a positive effect on students and in this age of global connectivity, it is even more crucial. Thus, the new schools have incorporated bilingual courses within their curriculum

2. Scholarships given by international schools of Pune

In a recent trend, there are international schools in Pune that have been offering scholarships to students from grades 1 to 12. In a refreshing change to traditional norms, these schools are granting scholarships to deserving students based on their academic and co-curricular achievements. 

Schools offer as much as 80% of the school tuition fee in the form of scholarships. Usually, schools offer grants and scholarships after a fair assessment of the student, judging their merits in academics and extracurricular activities

3. Playschools

A large majority of international schools in Pune are also focusing on developing excellent preschools for children aged 3 to 6 years. Aiming to create a conducive environment for young children where they learn new things while being close to nature. 

There are also schools that have specific libraries for children that have been tailored for their needs at that young and tender age. Along with the libraries, there are play areas and stimulating classrooms that help nourish the educational basics of the children.

4. Technologically Advanced Classrooms

In the digital age, it is very important for education to catch up with the latest technological advancements. International schools in Pune have integrated technology with daily classroom education. The Global Indian International School or the GIIS have inculcated smart campuses within their teaching curriculum. The school has classrooms fitted with television panels and tablets that allow students to engage in a visual learning experience.

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5. Connectivity Across the World

As technology is integrated into classrooms, what follows is the connectivity and opportunity that students get as a result. Due to smart gadgets and high-speed internet on many campuses, students can connect with peers from around the globe during school hours. 

This facilitates an exchange of information and ideas, along with increased feasibility of projects spread across various continents. Such long-distance projects help the students gain knowledge about foreign lands and cultures.

6. Small Classrooms & Great Faculty

To fortify the idea of personal attention, new international schools have adopted the policy of smaller classrooms. This means that a small number of students are placed under the tutelage of one teacher so that each student receives dedicated care and attention. 

Coupled with this, schools have employed trained professional teachers to be a part of their faculty from as many as 70 different countries. There are even provisions for guest faculties from Pune and other countries to come and teach at these international schools.

If a student wants to achieve the best CBSE Exam Results, he/she should learn things from the great faculty that GIIS Pune provides so that the basic to advance concepts are very clear hence they can attempt all questions rightly.

7. Affordable Fees & Fee Waiver/Discounts

International schools in Pune have proved to be quite the pocket pinch for parents in the past. Hefty fees have been the norm. However, to make international schooling affordable for many, some international schools in Pune have considerably lowered their fees. 

In light of the financial instability due to the pandemic, many schools have offered discounts for early admissions in the current academic year.

8. Diverse Group of Students

Owing to the cosmopolitan nature of Pune, many students of different nationalities take admissions in the schools that promise a diverse and inclusive learning environment. This helps in exposing students to different cultures, encouraging them to learn and respect everyone irrespective of their religion, nationality, or race.

9. World-Class Campuses

Apart from being technologically advanced, many schools have world-class environmentally aware green campuses. Within this atmosphere, students learn about nature conservation and the importance of nature. It shapes them into responsible citizens who care for the environment.

10. Attention to Special Needs 

Many schools pay special attention to students with specific learning impairments. Many schools are walking down the road in hopes of providing an all-inclusive educational experience.

CBSE schools in Pune have many great features and we have noted down just a few. Now, the next step is for you to understand which school is best suited for your children. After all, every child has unique needs and you need to choose a school that’ll build on their distinct learning requirements. 

Sanghita Bhuyan

I am Ms. Sanghita Bhuyan, one of the founder teacher of GIIS Smart Campus Hadapsar. As a qualified and passionate teacher with 8 years of experience, I was very excited to join a highly professional work environment with global standards. I feel I have grown along with this organisation. The values we would love to instill in our children at GIIS are strongly rooted in our hearts by our seniors and we model them to our children. We have the finest curriculum, right approach in shaping young children for tomorrow. GIIS have given opportunities to enhance my technical skill which indeed was a big support in my creative and innovative teaching methodology, also had the privileged to be recognised as a certified Apple teacher.

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