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School of the Future

Thoughtfully designed to merge latest technology with 21st century learning methodology, ours is a future-ready school.

What is School of the Future?

GIIS SMART Campus at Hadapsar is a new-age institution that is not just a place to get education but to be in sync with the times to make students ready to take on the challenges and changes of the future.

State of the Art Campus

Conference Room
Montessori Lab
AV Room

The campus has SMART facilities in classrooms, in the corridors, on playgrounds and auditoriums which are designed to give them the best learning experience in school.

Visionary facilities like digital classrooms, virtual conferencing, strong campus-wide wifi network, audio-visual elements in the premises, data analytics in sports will make our student's learning journey more deep and future-proof. These advanced tools, combined with our campus as the education hub, focus on the pedagogy as well as a meaningful experience for the learners.

Built for 21st Century

In this new millennium, innovative learning methodologies are changing the way education is imparted. Our 21st century campus makes it possible to adapt these methods in a conducive, tech-savvy environment for the maximum benefits of its students.

Gadgets, tools, apps, education workshops and bootcamps will facilitate e-learning, distance learning, collaboration through technology, data analytics and performance improvement through specialised knowledge gathering that will make students think out of the box, be imaginative and innovative in their approach to knowledge and information.

Student are at the Heart of the Design

Students are at the heart of our design. Teachers have shared their invaluable experience to help customise the facilities in this GIIS SMART Campus to help maximise the learning experience of all students. The entire premises is meticulously crafted to extract maximum benefits for student for their academic, physical, mental and spiritual development which makes them completely ready to face challenges of the future with confidence.

Small Learning Communities (SLC)

A well-received and critically-acclaimed concept in pedagogy wherein interdisciplinary teams of teachers take responsibility for the educational progress of small groups of students through flexible methodologies of teaching. The aim is to teach students self-determination, and give them a sense of identity through personalised interaction among teachers and students, where the educators lay special emphasis on the strengths of the learners to mould them into fine, wholesome individuals.

Enhance your Child's Learning with Smart Campus

The GIIS SMART campus provides new and flexible spaces for our student community to group together and make use of the latest gadgets, strong campus-wide wi-fi networks and audio-visual elements, to hold collaborative activities with each other or anyone around the world.

Concept driven learning and interactive classrooms will empower students to innovate and imagine, and to be entrepreneurial in spirit to change the world of tomorrow.
Sports fields will also be equally connected to technology through data analytics, which will in turn help improve student performances.

Green and Sustainable

The SMART Campus at Hadaspar is a building that prides itself on the responsible attempts to reduce its carbon footprint and encourage green features to sustain the environment. These features are carefully selected for their green footprint and sustainable quality and will also be an inspiration for our students in thinking about sustainability in the ever evolving world.