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Best Primary School In Pune

Our objective is to provide a joyful experience for primary school students by imparting knowledge in a pleasant atmosphere. We aim at promoting their overall development through academic and extracurricular activities that ensure their physical, psychological, and mental growth and wellbeing.

Curricula at GIIS

We follow the internationally-approved CBSE curriculum that creates brilliant opportunities for our students and prepares them for an excellent future.

Grade 1-5

It is a curriculum designed with a practical approach that encourages the students to study varied subjects with passion and dedication through modern teaching methods.

Block Seat

Primary Education in Pune

Primary school is a crucial period where students are prepared for their future education. It’s a period in their educational journey when their teachers help identify their academic and extracurricular interests and impart the knowledge through engrossing methods and high-tech facilities. The concepts introduced in primary school help students gain useful insights and utilize their imagination for a better understanding of the subjects.  

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CBSE Primary Programme

CBSE is the most favored curriculum all over the world. Its flexible framework and pragmatic approach are focused on quality and depth of disciplines. GIIS is one of the most successful primary schools to offer this curriculum through the ultra modern facilities and its well-trained faculty. 

The CBSE curriculum at the GIIS campus is supported by smart technology, modern teaching methods, advanced facilities, and digital classrooms that help primary school students perform and excel in the subjects of their choice. 

The unique Interdisciplinary teaching method provides students with a chance to apply their knowledge to multiple subjects. This helps in strengthening their basics and enriching their knowledge bank for further studies.

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The principles of our curriculum inspire our students to be lifelong learners. It helps them excel in their examinations. Our students have consistently scored brilliantly and succeeded in acquiring top ranks in their final examinations. Our students have been successful in gaining entry into some of the reputed universities across the world.




School Highest Score


Pass Results


Student scoring above 90% (2 out of 27)


Class Average Score

“Dear Parents, During this Covid-19 Pandemic, Our Students have exceptionally outperformed in 2021 CBSE Results with an average 95.40% as highest score alongside a 100% pass rate. On account of the same, we are extending our gratitude to new parents who’d like to be part of our growth journey “ - Principal


*In form of scholarships and admission fees to all deserving students across merit and based on family income.

Why Do Parents Prefer the GIIS Primary School In Pune?

Our Faculty

Our faculty is world-class and has experience in teaching at the finest primary international schools. Our highly qualified teachers provide personalized support to every student at the best primary school in Pune. They employ their in-depth knowledge of every subject and follow the GIIS framework to provide every child with motivation and encouragement to perform their best in every academic and extracurricular activity. They regularly enhance their teaching skills through courses so as to guide their students and help them succeed.

The 9GEMS Holistic Framework

The award-winning 9 GEMS framework merges the eastern and western teaching methodology by placing importance on academics as well as sports, skills, and the right principles for the all-around development of students at the primary school in Pune. This unique program cultivates cognizance as well as creativity amongst students that helps them evolve. It hones their personality and develops their entrepreneurial and leadership skills that gear them for their secondary and high school years.

Spiral Learning Method

The Spiral Learning Method is an ingenious approach to teaching new concepts. It follows a spiral structure that rises higher and goes deeper with every grade. The concepts taught grow more complex as the students go to higher classes. This method aids in the in-depth understanding of these concepts, helps students retain the information, and develops a love for learning in them.

Bridge Programme

The primary school admissions at the GIIS Pune are open all through the year. This helps students to enroll in the school even during the middle of the year. This is part of the unique Bridge Programme that provides assistance to the new students to be on an equal footing with their classmates and get comfortable in their new environment. Teachers at this private primary school encourage and motivate the students to be on par with their classmates and bond with them.

Value Added Programmes

These academic add-ons are important programs that accelerate the student’s learning process by focusing on any concepts or additional areas at no extra cost. Students are provided with STEM: science, technology, engineering, and maths-related study material, to help them grasp important concepts. This also strengthens their foundation and initiates their problem-solving capabilities and critical thinking.

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Parent Testimonials

GIIS Testimonial - Rajiv Singh Sawhney
The course content and assignments are extremely well planned and conducted in organized way. Thank you to the school for the skilled teachers. Online classes were truly an innovative way of learning which has change the face of education. We are happy to see the holistic development of our child. Hats off to the school and all teachers to strong dedication, making things very simple and human.
Happy Parents,
Mrs. Shraddha Umesh Kamat
Mother of Arnav Umesh Kamat - Grade V A
Aaruli has been privileged to be part of GIIS Smart Campus Hadaspar, Pune. She has demonstrated genuine interest in the learning and activities of grade 6. Teachers have always supported and responded to every query of Aaruli. She has grown in confidence and has demonstrated excellent abilities to reflect on her learning abilities and apply her skills to subsequent activities. She has been able to adopt many changes that occur on a daily basis in online school and moved on well with other students. I wish all the teachers and staff all the very best for the future.
Mrs. Swati Misra
Mother of Aaruli Misra - Grade VI A
GIIS Hadapsar brings out the best in every child by tapping into their individual strengths, while creating an environment of kindness, responsibility, and leadership. We are glad to have our ward enrolled in such a spectacular institute.
Mrs. Parismita Borthakur
Mother of Jigya Borthakur - Grade VII A
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Academic Calendar

This Academic Calendar provides first-hand information on the academic schedules in the academic year. This guide emphasizes on the incredible school events and academic decorum.

 GIIS Noida Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

We provide our students with an academic calendar that provides all the important information regarding the school rules and policies, the examination schedules, and a list of holidays.

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Extra-curricular and Co-curricular Activities

The unique extracurricular and co-curricular activities at the best primary school have been created for the students to be on par with the fast-paced world. These activities offer every student an opportunity to discover their hidden talents and participate in every event. These ECA and CCA activities bring out the best in students apart from cultivating in them a competitive spirit, sportsmanship, and confidence that go a long way in helping them develop into world-class citizens.

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