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Parent Engagement

Parents are kept involved at every step through special events and one-on-one sessions 


Open communication between parents and the school is an essential part of student progress - a practice that we sustain on a daily basis.

We recognise the important role effective parent-teacher-student communication plays in helping students achieve their truest potential and how much it contributes to their overall development.

Parental portal myGIIS

For smoother channels of collaboration, we have the myGIIS portal - a one-stop solution for many announcements, businesses, queries, functions, tasks, etc. The portal acts as a bridge between teachers and parents for all school-related activities, as well as an easy option for administrative activities like invoicing, transport etc.

This customer service software uses multiple channels for capturing feedback, support requests and compliments which are routed to relevant personnel who ensure that our stakeholders are promptly responded to regarding their queries.

Other modes of communication include

Parent Teacher Meetings
1:1 Meetings
Weekly Class Updates
Orientation Sessions

School events

Plenty of special events are observed and celebrated in our school, which is an exercise in bonding and showcasing talent and excellence.

Calendar Activities

Events like Annual Day and Sports Day are held each year as showcase events for students to show their talent in sports related and co-curricular related activities.

Students from all four Houses participate in these activities, and go on to compete against each other for the highest award; which in turn builds their character, their sense of camaraderie and gives them a hunger to win for collective pride.

Special Days

Special days are held in our pre-primary classes which aim to strengthen bonds between students and their extended families.

Parents often participate in classroom activities like story-telling sessions, class projects, drama lessons etc., while grandparents are also made part of the narrative through sessions like Grandparents' Day.  Apart from this, our school uses parents' expertise in different sectors to spread awareness among students through talks and experience-sharing sessions.

In addition, parents also participate or volunteer their time to help the school through logistical support like technical setup for sound and lights, or as helping hands during school trips.

Community Helpers Day

Clay Modelling Day, Shapes Day, Board Games Day

Dress Up Day / Spell Bee

Messy Day, Sense Booth Day, Nutritious Food Day

Clay Modelling Day, Shapes Day, Board Games Day

School Transport Audit, First Aid Kit Preparation

Parent Ambassadors

We have also established parent forums like the GIIS Parent Ambassadors and Friends of GIIS who work with the school and also share positive stories about the school to the community.