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GIIS History

We have come a long way since our inception in 2002.

In the last 20+ years, we have grown to span eleven countries with 64 campuses combined in Singapore, India, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Cambodia and the United Kingdom.

Today, we are a leading international school in Pune offering Indian and International curricula to students from diverse backgrounds.

We, at GIIS Pune, have steadfastly focused on providing an extraordinary education to students from all over the world. In adopting the cultural ideology of “Schools That Learn”, we make each and every member of our community an equal partner in the process of learning.

We have established ourselves as one of the best CBSE schools in Pune by empowering students to take on active roles in their own progress. We uniquely engage them while promoting a culture reinforcing the joy of lifelong learning.

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Greatest Achievements Over the Years


GIIS opens the first campus in Mount Sophia, Singapore with 48 students to fulfill the needs of Indians working overseas in Asia.


GIIS opens 2 new campuses in Malaysia and Japan and a 2nd campus in Singapore.


GSF continues its Asian expansion with the opening of a new campus in Thailand and its first campus in India. These new campuses mark a milestone in Global School’s history where it expanded via local partners through joint ventures or franchise.


GIIS opens a 3rd Singapore campus and expands into Vietnam and Malaysia. We continue to expand its presence in India to meet the rising demand for private schools.

These schools enable returning expatriates to easily transfer their children from an overseas GIIS school to an Indian one.


GIIS opens its first campus in the Middle East in Dubai, positioning GSF as a global group in education.


GIIS continues to expand in India. The endorsement by IFC affirms GSF’s growing brand and reputation as an international school.


GSF acquires One World International School and  develops a new GIIS school in Abu Dhabi.

Our parent foundation, Global School Foundation, acquires One World International School, a premium pre-school and primary education-focused international school and Developed new school in Abu Dhabi.


GIIS consolidates and transforms two smaller Singapore campuses into the new state-of-the-art Punggol campus with capacity expansion.

We continue further expansion overseas with new campuses in the Middle East and India.


GIIS ramps up presence in India with plans to set up 4 new SMART campuses in Bangalore and Pune.

GIIS is recognized as one of the Best Education Brands of 2018 by The Economic Times.


GIIS Smart Campus wins the prestigious GAIL Sustainability Innovator Award for its green practices and initiatives.


GIIS crosses the 200-award milestone by winning 64 awards in education excellence in a single calendar year.

GIIS Tokyo emerges as the world's only overseas international school appearing in the top 10 CBSE rankings among the 600+ affiliated schools operating outside India.

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