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GIIS Pune University Placements

Our graduates are sought after by the world’s leading universities year after year due to their all-round credentials and excellent results.


Every year, hundreds of Grade 12 students graduate from our CBSE or IBDP batch, mostly with a university acceptance letter in hand.

Our graduates get accepted into prestigious institutions in Singapore like the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, as well as schools in the United States and United Kingdom such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, Georgia Tech and the London School of Economics etc.

University Connect

Over 100 universities hold various student-centric events in our campus each year, during which we provide our students and parents a platform to connect with them and identify suitable programmes. Our support also includes one-to-one counselling, career fairs, information sessions, university visits and expert assistance throughout the application process.

Students also get guidance on preparation of transcripts, recommendation letters, essays and personal statements for qualifying for top-tier higher education and real-world success.

Career Counselling

Our students receive comprehensive and detailed Career Counselling, which offers support and guidance to them on higher education.  The counsellor studies the performance of every student before suggesting universities to parents and students in personal counselling sessions. Once universities are finalised, the counsellor guides the students through the application process.

Popular countries for education


United States

United Kingdom




Hong Kong



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