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8 Reasons Why You Need to Admit Your Kid to the Top International Schools - GIIS Pune

Akshada Vitthal Shinde
May 28, 2021
Admission Tips

Do you want to ensure a bright future for your child? Make the best decision of getting your child admitted to an international school for the best academic education and other beneficial factors.

If you want to strengthen your child with all life skills, knowledge, and fitness, then look for the best international school in Pune and take a step towards a better future. 

Academic qualification through international schools has several benefits. Its education curriculum helps students to adapt to the modern global society and multicultural environment. Here are a few benefits of admitting your kid to the top international school: 

● International Academic Curriculum and Environment: As you know, international schools assure academic education that follows the curriculum set by foreign boards. Many schools mix curriculum based on Cambridge literature and so on. This helps the students to develop better communication skills for the future. These schools' goal is comprehensive education focused not only on expanding knowledge and skills but also on developing one's personality and shaping the attitudes of tolerance, understanding, and responsibility. 

These schools offer an international environment to the students after admission. International schools help students enjoy the richness of different cultures and adapt and grow with them. Teachers will help your child to understand the various cultures to make them ready for any opportunities that come their way.

● Academic Excellence and Extra Activities: Your kid will benefit from academic excellence through studying in an international school. These schools ensure expert teachers guide you through the curriculum, which will give you the benefit of covering all the essential factors needed to face any challenge in life. The qualification record from an international school will help your child to avail excellent opportunities in future.

International schools ensure a wide range of extracurricular activities, including foreign language lessons, sports, and artistic activities, such as music, art, dance, and photography. A regular implementation of these activities allows the student to develop their interests in extracurricular activities, outline their curiosity and teaches them to be systematic and disciplined in acquiring skills and achieving aims of life. Thus, an international school student has the opportunity to become the best in terms of fitness, knowledge and skills.


● Highly Qualified Teaching Faculty: One of the essential benefits of getting your kid admitted to an international school is that you have experienced and qualified teaching faculties for your child. These are excellent faculty at your service who will give you complete guidance on different aspects of your subject. Yes, they will always be available to help students through their specific educational requirements. 

These teachers are hired based on their qualification, teaching skills, interactive skills and experience in teaching students. These highly qualified teachers ensure a top-quality education program with a proper understanding of the concepts to students. They also guide students about how to handle situations in life and become an excellent human being.

● Exceptional Infrastructural Facilities: International schools have well-designed and latest technology equipped infrastructure settings for optimum comfort and convenience. Classrooms are upgraded to smart classrooms in international schools for better understanding and enhanced explanation of concepts through presentations. By ensuring good computer laboratories with well-equipped machines and chairs, students can keep themselves updated with essential information technology skills and operate programming and MS offices. A top-notch library is an integral part of an international school that offers a peaceful time for students to read any book they want.

Most international schools are equipped with a centrally air-conditioned air supply in their building for maximum ventilation and comfort of the students. They can enjoy the lessons while relaxing in their chairs. Many schools now have smart projections in classrooms to show animated presentations of topics to make them easy to understand for the students.

● Moral Value and Arts Education: International schools enable their students to benefit from excellent knowledge as well as the skills and aspects to become a good leader in society or community. This will help your kid to make a better future. Thus, primary admissions in international schools ensure that you develop moral values and characters of your kid such as diligence, discipline, punctuality, compassion and more.

These schools also ensure maximum facility of art and craft domain for the students. They provide complete support to students interested in the field of art by making them excellent artists with exceptional skills. The school nurtures their talent and glorifies it with proper guidance and care.

● Sports Arena with Physical Education Programs: Activities related to sports are a crucial part of the academic curriculum of international schools. These schools provide a wide variety of sports options to their students, such as a football ground, basketball court, cricket playground, swimming pools and indoor games. 

International schools also avail top class physical education programs divided into outdoor and indoor sports exercises or activities. Indoor sports facilities include yoga, table tennis, chess, Carrom, etc. International schools ensure their highly qualified and specialized teachers as trainers for a convenient environment to improve your physical fitness and health.

● Innovative Approaches and Experiential Learning: Infused innovative programs is an immense beneficial aspect of getting your kid admitted to an international school. The schools ensure all the best possible programs which relate to discipline, fitness, mental endurance, resilience, and more. This will help your kid to enhance skills in all domains. International schools benefit your kid with experiential learning. The schools will be organizing trips to summer camps, museums, and more to help your kid with the best of understanding.


● Holistic Development of your Child: Getting your kid admitted to an international school will make him/her holistically developed for the future. This implies that the students will get extreme support for intellectual, emotional, social, and physical enhancement for a better career graph. This depicts how international schools widens your kid's career and life opportunities effectively and efficiently.

Ending Note:

Make sure to get your kid admitted to the best international school in your locality or town to secure a bright future for them. Let them enjoy these benefits of studying in an international school like Global Indian International School, which has a good blend of fun and educational outcomes.

Akshada Vitthal Shinde

Ms.Akshada received her Art Teacher diploma from Sir J.J. School of Art. Akshada has been teaching art for four years.  She is a young multidisciplinary artist working in drawing, sketching, painting, and Digital Art .While Akshada works in all types of media, she believes it all starts with a strong foundation in drawing. As a teacher she tries to create an understanding and interest among students towards Art as a means of personal growth and career choice.

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