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NextGen Classrooms

The NextGen classroom is where student-centred pedagogy meets a digitally powered learning environment to create a whole new education experience that enhances student learning.

NextGen is when a new phase begins. NextGen is when a new way of doing things emerge. NextGen is when a fresh outlook brings fresh ideas and fresh hopes. Enter the NextGen classroom where student-centred pedagogy meets a digitally powered learning environment to create a whole new education experience. Here, the latest teaching tools make learning a fun and interactive affair for the students and helps them achieve better educational outcomes.

Digital Classroom

What will classrooms look like in the school of the future? Will they have collaborative spaces? Will they have more than adequate facilities? Will they have the latest teaching and learning tools?

The answer is: Yes, Yes and Yes! Just take a look at the digital classrooms at our GIIS SMART Campus!

Effective learning in science and technology is possible when there are tools for contemporary education. Our digitally powered classrooms are designed to keep both aspects in mind while providing easy collaboration between teachers and students.

For effective learning, teachers have access to interactive screens in each classroom that will enable them to stream videos, display their class work and even airdrop personal documents, at the touch of a finger. These displays also double up as touchscreen SMART boards, alongside the whiteboards present in class.

Teachers and students would be able to leverage their iPads for a collaborative digital learning experience while projecting their displays on the interactive screens.

Virtual Classroom

Imagine a universe where one click of a button will connect a student to any classroom in any part of the world where knowledge is being imparted.

Flexibility Like Never Before

The GIIS classroom is a learning space which expands a student's learning environment beyond physical classrooms and the campus. Students get selective access to virtual connectivity with tools like interactive displays and campus-wide wifi, to collaborate with other classrooms around the world, and conduct learning activities.

Redefining Virtual Education

Virtual Classrooms facilitate student access to leading educators and lecturers from other parts of the world, or to engage in collaborative and engaging learning from peers from all around the world. Recording facilities in the virtual classroom will allow lectures to be recorded for the benefit of students, who can reuse them during exam time to brush up on their studies.