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Fun Indoor Activities that are recommended by Future-ready best CBSE Schools of Pune

Eva Alexander
May 28, 2021
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With the ongoing pandemic, the children have also accepted the harsh reality that they might have to spend more time indoors than outdoors. This will make some of the more extroverted children restless. To help them cope with the problem, some of the best CBSE schools in Pune recommend some fun indoor activities that will help them beat the summer heat and keep them occupied.


1. Art projects and crafts

Children love playing and experimenting with new colors and creating something of their imagination. Often they leave a mess. Therefore the children must do it under expert supervision. You can set up their room with crayons, canvas, glue, coloring books, and papers. Be careful as they might throw the paper away and start their painting on your walls.


2. Games and toy sets

Many people are against the idea of children playing video games. Children should not be restricted. However, the game they play should be monitored as they should not play games with graphic content. Also, buy your children educational toy sets. Children can make stories around their toys, and those stories will help them develop their cognitive skills.


3. New books to read

Children should always be given a book to read. Reading books not only helps in improving their vocabulary but also changes the way they perceive things. Good books help them organize their thoughts in a better way. Also, the big colorful images in the books will help them with visual aids, and they will always be interested in reading or listening to books.


4. Puzzles and quiz books

Puzzles and quiz books will help create curiosity in them. They will be excited to discover more about the way things work, and with puzzles, they will come up with new ways to solve the puzzles. The puzzles should be chosen according to their age group, and the puzzles should not be too easy or too tough.


5. Maintain a journal

Maintaining a journal or a diary is a very good habit that encourages children to pour their heart out into the journal. Ask your child to spend at least 15 mins per day writing about what they did the entire day. The journals will also help you understand how your child thinks and will give you an insight into your child's curious mind.


6. New life skills

Your kid may be learning a new instrument or will be taking karate lessons. But nothing can match up to the skills you could teach them as a parent. Teach them something about which you're passionate or something that you and the child can enjoy. This will motivate them to do the activity more and will also give you good bonding time. Also, these skills that you teach will stick with them for longer periods.


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7. Teach them about your country or a new country

Children are always eager to learn, provided you're interested in teaching. Please take this opportunity and teach them some important points about your country or a new country. But first, research enough and then start with the explanation. This behavior will help your children know more about the outside world and the endless possibilities it holds for them.


8. Indoor gardening

With the current situation, if you have a nice backyard or a big apartment, you can grow some plants and herbs from your indoor garden. The lockdown motivated people to develop new ideas to plant and grow new plants in confined spaces. Start small such as carrots, avocados, or bell pepper. This will help your child learn more about plant life and will grow up respecting nature.


9. Cooking or baking

Cooking is a skill that both genders should master. If a child learns cooking from a very young age, they will be motivated to try new things and will be focused on trying new dishes. Motivate them by staying and helping them through the process. Do not simply let your child cook the food, but also ask them to stay behind and help clean the kitchen.


Why you should motivate your children to take part in indoor activities

When you're looking through the various deciding factors during the high school admission process, don't limit your diligence to just academics; make sure to see how effective they are in promoting indoor activities to lead to the child’s all-round development. A school with provision for lots of indoor activities and outdoor activities shows that the school is not just focused on creating an environment for academic learning.

They are creating an environment that will help the students learn about academics while also succeeding in various other fields in which they are interested. When children are left out to play, they mostly spend their time running, jumping, or playing sports with their friends. Though from a physical training point of view, that is important, it is also important that the children succeed in mental training.

The children should be creative and develop their own unique and innovative ideas to tackle a problem. and therefore choose among the best CBSE schools in Pune like Global Indian International School encourages storytelling sessions activities and suggests that children can learn a lot from such activities. The children are entertained and are also trained to be creative thinkers.

The indoor activities help the children build their social skills by participating in groups. Also, getting in touch with new people helps them improve their experience, and they are able to come out of their comfort zone. Once they are socially fit, they become responsible, this also boosts their confidence levels.

The items played indoors are always safe and secure. Some sports that are played indoors, such as ping-pong or table tennis, help the children with hand-eye coordination. Games such as carrom and chess require concentration and help the children improve their brain power.

Also, children are more attracted to new toys, and new toy sets will keep them occupied. They will experiment with the toys and will make the playtime more fun and interesting for them. 


Final thoughts

During this time of the pandemic, it is advised to keep your children indoors and safe at all times. Use the points mentioned above to enjoy some quality time with your children and keep your children busy during the summer holidays.

Eva Alexander

I am Eva Alexander having 11 years of experience in the field of education. I am a self-motivated teacher with a passion for working towards the development of English language skills among students. Being hard-working and a trustworthy individual with excellent communication skills, I have the ability to  develop innovative teaching strategies including collaborative learning and active use of current technology. I believe in creating a supportive learning environment that helps my students achieve their learning goals.

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