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Global Indian International School (GIIS), located in Balewadi, is a renowned international institution renowned for its commitment to excellence. We take pride in providing a holistic education, making us a foundation of quality in the education sector. As a prominent Balewadi school, GIIS offers students a platform enriched with global perspectives, nurturing their growth and development within a supportive and conducive environment.


Teachers are a big influence in shaping the future course of a student’s educational journey.Our secondary teachers are well-qualified and experienced to take on the challenge of new-age learning mediums, as well as mature enough to understand their socio-emotional needs and strike a perfect balance between the two.They keep themselves abreast with the latest developments in education sector through proper self-training and upgrading which allows them to meet the students’ expectations and provide more. 

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SMART Facilities

GIIS SMART campus has a modern infrastructure, powered by carefully chosen technologies that is unrivalled by any other educational institute across the region.

Special rooms are dedicated to the study of information technology, maths, science, languages, various art forms like dance, music etc. There are also rooms dedicated for aerobics and yoga, which cater to the physical and emotional well-being of students.

A sports ground within the campus has open spaces for the students to play during school hours. Special equipment such as swings and slides are in place for the younger students

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Learning Outcomes

The modern infrastructure of the campus combines traditional learning with futuristic technology. While teachers ensure interaction, discipline and discussions in classrooms, modern facilities ensure that knowledge expands beyond the classroom realms through platforms like digital boards, wifi systems and portable devices for age-appropriate learning.In this way, we ensure that students get an education that is a perfect balance between academics and future skills development. Our holistic educational framework, which includes the award-winning 9 GEMS pedagogy, lays emphasis on academic and sports excellence as well as excellence in skills, community living and universal values. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

GIIS Noida Frequently Asked Questions