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Which are the 7 Main Characteristics of a Good International School?

Rupali Karekar
Nov 30, 2021

Identifying a specific set of characteristics that are essential in a good international school makes the shortlisting process 10x easier and faster. 

Effective classroom management, positive treatment, teachers expectations and qualifications, working conditions for teachers and students - these are the primary factors that usually designate a school as “Good”.

Nowadays, the demand for the schools is shooting high because it promotes a strong cultural understanding and also includes international topics in the curriculum. A student gets to learn new customs and understand the world better.

Every school has a specific set of features that make it better than the rest. So, to identify the best international schools we are here to help you identify the seven main characteristics that a Good International school must-have.

1. Well-qualified Teachers

Teachers who speak the native language are the driving factors that encourage parents to choose the best international schools. Native speakers do not indicate the individuals who belong to that country but from the place that the school curriculum follows. 

Native speakers would help the students to understand the language and instructions. They should also be constantly motivated by the administration to form strategies and foster an academic framework that helps students make decisions about their careers.

2. Student-friendly Atmosphere

There is a need to have an ambience that encourages, inspires and also provides a stimulating environment for students to excel in their studies. The eagerness to overcome every challenge and go through the educational process efficiently is facilitated by a good International school. 

Maintaining a proper student-teacher ratio helps to eliminate a large number of challenges that usually obstruct or interfere with the learning process.

3. Introduction to the Right Curriculum

Understanding the core subjects and relative areas through a good structured curriculum should be a focus area for the school management. It is extensively essential to have the right curriculum because later it would work as a foundation for the students and help them decide and develop their interest in any particular subject. 

This also helps to keep track of the developments and promotes standard learning. Morals and values are the basic pillars that establish the disciplinary model of the good international schools.

Different schools use different tools to assess a child's early learning performance. The best schools usually give importance to formative and summative assessment which makes it easier to highlight the areas the student excels or needs to further work on.

4. Efficient Session Designing and Attention Towards Staff Conduct

Imparting knowledge should not be the only goal of any school, rather it should be about doing it in an effective and value proficient way. There must be a specific amount of time designated for every subject to ensure adequate attention for all. 

The idea is to stimulate the passion for learning through exciting and engaging sessions and extracurricular activities. There should be a systematic and logical approach that makes the curriculum more engaging. Not just the core subjects but the intentions are to promote holistic learning.

A teacher belonging to a reputed school tries to maintain the school's reputation and also their behaviour defines them. They play a moral role in front of the students. So, treating the student with respect means building mutual trust. Moreover, understanding the limitations and getting aware of the well-being of a child is their prior importance.

5. Focus on every student and Assessment Process

The school must evaluate and understand the requirements and areas to be focused on for each student. It is not just about academic development but the physical, social and intellectual development of a child should be equally looked after. 

In an international school, every child has different kinds of interest areas and requirements based on their age and development stage. So, the authority must have a clear understanding of the special requirements, evaluate them and encourage the student to move in the right direction.

Every student’s progress should be monitored carefully so that all the objectives are met and based on that, subsequent lessons can be planned. In an ideal International school for students, they should get regular feedback and respond faster to the feedback through the performance improvement cycle.

6. Focus On Extracurricular Activities

Activities tend to vary from one school to another, but they are always a part of the international school. It can be swimming, dancing, debate, art and craft, sports anything that is to encourage a child and help in holistic development. 

Best international schools should focus not only on the core subjects but also value the idea that these activities can become someone's career one day.

7. A Well-maintained Infrastructure and a Safe School Environment

Good International schools thrive on making a positive contribution towards their students. Thus, they provide well-ventilated classrooms and spacious campuses to include extracurricular activities like sports. 

Along with that, the positioning of the libraries, playgrounds, and classrooms is also well-designed. The buildings are refurbished to maintain the safety and requirements of a child.

A good school usually has clearly defined rules and regulations that everybody in schools has to maintain and abide by. 

They promote strict in-class behaviour and also encourage students to follow the routine according to the school timetable. A student’s safety, health issues and maintaining a teacher-student-parent relationship should be given due importance.

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While choosing between the best international school you must prepare a questionnaire for yourself and answer them based on the school that you have shortlisted. Include all the essential criteria listed above and along with these criteria, do not forget to include distance, academic fees, etc.

Choosing a good school job is indeed a hefty job. Also, before selecting an international school go through the reviews given by the parents, academic standards and every other smaller detail about the school.

While in school a child is always curious to understand the world around them, so instead of exploiting the vulnerability, good administrators must encourage them. School can help a child understand and differentiate between good and bad.

Every parent wants to provide their child with the best education. But, you must never forget that school is a stepping stone for a child's academic career and you must take time and never make a hasty decision.

Rupali Karekar

Ms Karekar comes with over 20 years experience in content writing and content strategy in fields from journalism and content marketing. As head of international communications, she has been actively interacting with stakeholders like the student, teacher and parent community to ensure open channels of dialogue and passage of information between all parties. As a result, the school initiatives and stakeholder performances find the right platform and voice to share their achievements.

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