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21 Independence Day Activities for Students

K P Sheeja
Jan 4, 2023
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India, a country with one of the robust democracies, is a nation everyone vows to. We feel immense pride to be called “INDIAN”. And, why wouldn't we be?

Being a nation with rich heritage, culture, and tradition, India is strengthening its hard, as well as soft power with time. But, all this became possible when India became free 75 years ago. And, to date, we mark that as Independence day!

What is Independence Day?

Independence day is celebrated every year on the 15th of August. This day embarks the independence of India from British rule, and we all celebrate this day to commemorate the emergence of India as a free nation!

Importance of Independence Day

Being under British rule, India wasn't free. And it was the blood, and sweat of fearless, and valiant freedom fighters that made us call ourselves the citizens of a “Free”, and democratic nation. This day is special for all nation lovers and ignites the feeling of patriotism in every Indian.

Even the smallest of the town and largest of the authorities celebrate independence day with utmost pride and patriotism. And, It is said that to respect the power of India as a country, and unleash the importance of 15 august, one must respect the independent India stories.

And that's where celebrating this day with the right activities can spread awareness and a feeling of patriotism among citizens. And, schools leave no stone unturned to do so!

Every year, schools organize several independence day activities to let students respect the feeling of an Independent India. Here are the 21 Independence day activities for students that can make them well aware, empathetic, and respectful of India!

11 Independence Day Activities for Students

Below are some ideas for independence day celebration in school.

1. Plays or Skits

Plays or skits are an interesting yet innovative way to showcase what we do on independence day, and how India fought for its independence. To do this, schools often organize plays, and short theatre performances on the struggle of freedom fighters, India’s journey towards independence, and other related subjects.

By organizing this during the annual Independence Day celebration, schools can make sure the message of independence gets delivered to students too in the most interesting way when students don't get bored and stay connected throughout the performance.

2. Flag Hoisting

This is one of the important and favourite independence day celebration ideas in an Indian as well as an international school. Organizing a flag hoisting activity in schools spreads respect for the nation among students. And, this also makes them vow to Indian democracy and reputation. In schools, it is often the principal or dean of the school who performs the flag hoisting.

3. Cultural Dance

Which can be a perfect day to showcase the rich Indian tradition rather than an Independence day. For this, teachers make groups of students for cultural dance performances.

And, students also feel exhilarated to perform Indian traditional dances such as Bhangra, Kathak, Assamese, Rajasthani folk dance, and a lot more.

4. Organize a Patriotic Movie Screening

Movies are a great way to deliver a message to the masses. And, luckily immense movies are being made about the struggle of India to get independence, the scuffle of freedom fighters, and the emergence of India as a free nation. Therefore, it is highly recommended that schools organize a patriotic movie screening school for students.

This makes them aware of Indian history, as well as the value of a free nation, and its rich culture. Movies like Swades, Lagaan, and Rang de Basanti are some of the favourites of the best CBSE schools in Pune.

5. Sports Activities Like a Flag Relay Race

No school's annual independence day ceremony is complete without sports events. But, for Independence Day, sports activities have to send a message for the nation's freedom.

To do this, schools can organize flag relay races. In this, instead of a baton, students can pass on the Indian flag. And whoever takes the Indian flag to the finish line first, wins the race!

6. T-Shirt Painting, and Designing

Even during Independence Day, the one with patriotic significance, it's important to keep creativity, and fun alive. For this, schools should add T-shirt painting, and designing activities to the schedule of Independence day activities for students' celebration. Just give your students a white plain shirt and a bunch of painting colors.

You would indeed experience the sheer creativity of students. Some will print handprints in the flag's tricolor, some will draw freedom fighters, and some will design beyond one’s imagination.

7. Organize a Trip to a Historical Place

Nothing can replace an Independence day activity for adults amidst the nation's rich cultural, and heritage buildings. For this, schools can organize one-day trips or picnics to historical places.

These can be Qutub Minar, Red Fort, and India gate to name a few. This trip would surely enlighten your students about Indian culture and would ignite respect for the nation among students. 

8. Singing Patriotic Songs

The feeling of getting goosebumps when one listens to patriotic songs is untradeable. And so is the feeling of singing patriotic songs on stage. Organize singing competitions or performances of patriotic songs. This will help students experience patriotism from proximity.

And, the excitement and fun of singing for the nation's independence on stage are indeed amazing.

9. Showcasing Rich Indian Heritage, and Culture Through Exhibitions & Displays

India is not just about its monuments and dances. It has a lot more!

Something that embellishes Indian tradition is its arts, paintings, handicrafts, etc. To make students aware of it, schools can organize exhibitions, and displays of traditional Indian goodies, paintings, and whatnot! Doing this would help students come face to face with the nation’s traditions.

10. Marching or March Past

Marching is one of the most loved Independence day games activities. Making groups of students march in complete coordination while keeping the Indian flag in hand looks immensely breathtaking. This also keeps the energy, and vibe intact during the celebration ceremony.

11. Class Decoration and Rangoli Competition

What school festival is complete without a Rangoli, and a bit of decoration? To keep students participative, and engaged in the Independence day creative celebration, teachers can organize class decoration competitions. This will keep students close to the ceremony festivities, and all drenched in independence day vibes!

But, the fun of participating in school activities got halted by a pandemic recently when classes went online. Worry not! We’ve got a list of independence day activities for online classes you can organize. Let’s dive in!

5 Independence Day Activities for Online Classes

Below are some independence day ideas for online classes.

12. Painting and Drawing Competitions

Painting is something one can do in the comfort of their home. To do this, you can give a subject, or topic to students and they can come up with their drawings, and paintings.

This creative independence day activity for students would not only keep them invested in tickling their creativity cells but would also help them participate in independence day celebrations while being at home!

13. Patriotic Costume Contest

This will be fun, and exciting for teachers, as well as students. Host a patriotic costume competition, and see your students getting dressed as Mahatma Gandhi Ji, Vivekanand Ji, and several other freedom fighters. And, guess what? The Winner gets a shoutout!

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14. Independence Day Quiz

Having a sheer knowledge of Indian history, the tale of Independence is also important. To keep students motivated to drive in Indian history, teachers can organize quizzes during online classes.

This independence day activity for kids also keeps the patriotic feeling alive. And, once they start getting the history right, they would start respecting and vowing for the Indian nation.

15. Recommend Best Books on Nation’s Respect

Reading is fun and enlightening. And, believe it or not, every class has some reading lovers. And, it’s time they share their reading experience with the whole class. Let them recommend some patriotic books to their classmates.

This would help the whole class to get a level up in their understanding of the nation, and its rich history. This is an ideal activity to answer students” What is the importance of independence day”!

16. Recite the Story of Your Favorite Freedom Fighter

Indian Independence is a team effort. And, it is the result of the struggle of various unsung heroes. To make your class aware of these unsung heroes, allot them a task to recite the story of their favorite freedom fighter. This would make them know some brave fighters from Indian history.

5 Independence Day Craft Ideas for Students

If there are activities that can keep students most entertained, and involved. It’s the craft ones! So, here are the 5 top 15 august craft activities:

17. Tricolor Candles

Painting candles, and decorating them is extremely engaging, and addictive. Organize competitions for candle decorating. And see who gets the tricolour best on candles.

18. Best from the Waste Art & Craft Competition

Art & craft is all about seeing creativity in unusual things. And, that's what independence day craft activity challenges students for! Challenge them to build tricolour with waste products, and unleash the creative side of your students.

19. Make Flags from Household Items

Our flag’s colours are symbolic but common. Challenge your students to make tricolours from household items. These can be pulses, fruits, and any cloth piece or so. And, enjoy the Indian flag salad you’ll get!

20. Make a Tricolor Badge

Tricolor badges are easy and amusing to make. And, it's time for your students to try their hands on it. This easy independence day craft helps them by giving ideas on how they can create tricolour badges with cloth, coloured papers, and any easily available items.

21. Make Charts and Pictures for Classroom Decoration

Coloring, Drawing, and making imagination live on paper is a student's favourite, And, that's what you need to schedule paper crafts for independence day. Organize charts or drawing competitions.

These were some of the activities that international schools can follow to keep their independence day celebrations all fun, engaging, and patriotic. So, go ahead, and organize activities to keep Independence day alive, and full of pride this year!

K P Sheeja

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