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Important Moral Values for Students to Help them Be a Good Person in Life

Vishal Ganesh Dhope
Jan 3, 2023
Schools, Learning
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What is the Meaning of Moral Values?

Moral values are an integral part of what makes us human. They are what makes us humane. They are standards that help an individual choose for himself between right and wrong or good and bad. 

This understanding of morals is absolutely necessary for anyone to make honest, credible, and fair decisions and relations in their daily lives. 

Moral development is an essential process of overall human development. And this should start right from early childhood. Children can shape a good character and a pleasant personality by following moral values. 

It has been long known that the child’s family plays a crucial role in guiding, supporting, and hand-holding them and instilling key values during their growing up years.

What is the Importance of Moral Values in Students' Life? 

Moral values play an essential role in any student’s life. They help build a positive character with traits such as compassion, respect, kindness, and humility. 

They can make students distinguish between right and wrong or good and bad. And it can eventually promote rational thinking and unbiased judgement among students. 

Inculcating moral values to students in the longer run works as a moral compass that helps them stay off the negative influence of peers, social media, or society in general, as they grow into teens and then into adults. 

Moral values also help in shaping students’ attitudes and beliefs towards various aspects of life and provide them with a unique perspective. 

They may also help in boosting their self confidence and help them stay positive in difficult situations.

How to Teach Moral Values to Students?

The importance of teaching moral values to students should begin right at home and from the very beginning. Parents must take charge in shaping their kids’ life at early stages. 

Children learn from the people around them, so in order to teach your kids good values, you must model them in your life, first. You may verbally explain numerous values, but your kid will only pick up the ones you showcase through your own behavior. 

Personal experiences are like stories, and all kids love hearing stories. Share stories from your own life, where abiding by a moral value had a positive experience in your life, and your child is bound to understand better. 

Come up with a system, where you reward your child for using these values in his/her life. Praise and rewards are positive reinforcement that works incredibly well in shaping children. 

Students can also benefit from moral education being included in the pedagogy. Schools play an essential role in teaching moral values as well. 

11 Important Types of Moral Values Children Should Learn



Many parents make the mistake of teaching their children only about respect for elders, but that is wrong. Everyone deserves respect, regardless of age or social standing. 

Respect is an essential moral value that your child must know about at a young age, as it plays an important role in his/her behaviour around strangers and elders. 

Toddlers that learn to respect their peers and elders from a young age will benefit from this, in the future. Even when the times get tough in the future, your child will be more solicitous of others. 


Family is an integral part of kids’ lives. It shapes and nurtures them into adults. Therefore, it is important to give your children a sense of family and help them understand why family is important. Do that, and it’s more likely your children will grow up respecting and loving their family through thick and thin. 

Adjusting and Compromising

It is important that children know that not everything works according to them. Teach them from a young age that when it is absolutely necessary, they may have to try and adjust. 

Your child must be taught to adjust and compromise, only if their own life is not at stake here. While adjusting sounds great in principle, there is a thin line where it crosses over to compromise. 

If the child ends up on the losing end because of a compromise, it not only is detrimental, but also curbs identity. 

Helping Mentality

Your child must be taught to help others from a young age, even if it may be a complete stranger. You have to teach your child why helping others is so important and how you always get it back when you help someone. 

To be a functional part of society, it is important that your child is empathetic to others’ needs.

Respecting Religion

Your child should be brought up, not just to respect his own religion, but also to understand that  every person has the right to choose his/her religion.


A moral compass and a sense of justice are two of the most important values that any child must have from a young age. 

This is important because the sense of justice decides the moral character of an individual and also plays an important role in the kind of life they choose to live in. 


Honesty is always the best policy, and students must be encouraged to tell the truth regardless of whatever mistakes he/she may have committed. 

A fear of punishment or negative reinforcement should never be used when a child is telling the truth. Rewarding the child in such a time is of extreme importance. 

Never Hurt Anyone

Students must be taught and made aware of the physical as well as psychological effects of hurting someone. 


Theft is wrong, no matter what the justification behind it may be; this is one of the good values for children. Moral values inculcated at the right stage can make an individual realise their importance and embibe these for a long time.

Cultivate Love for Education

Education is the biggest weapon one can have, and the thing that has the most impact on where you end up in life. Cultivating a habit of learning is extremely important because this habit can help an individual be adaptable to this ever changing world.


Equality is an integral part of several moral values, such as justice. Treating all individuals equal in terms of rights, opportunities, and status is essential for eradicating thoughts of supremacy.


The faculty here at Global Indian International School Pune take moral education very seriously. Holistic development is what makes their students world class citizens. Good values have been ingrained into Global Indian International School Pune’s teaching curriculum

Teachers are determined to educate the students about moral values and implement the same in the students’ lives and that is the differentiator factor for parents to take admission in GIIS Pune for their child.

If you're looking for school admissions in Pune for your child, search for Global Indian International School Pune. Moral values are an integral part of the pedagogy here at Global Indian International School, the best international school in Pune

Vishal Ganesh Dhope

I am Vishal Dhope, one of the Founder Teacher of GIIS Hadapsar Smart Campus, Having an experience as P.E Teacher of 5 Years , Basketball Coaching experience of 6 years and 12 years experience as a Basketball player. I have a passion for keeping kids engaged and active throughout each PE Class. I am a very energetic person that loves sports. I am Passionate about my job because it revolves around children and keeps them active and motivated. My Goals in Life are to see students excel and achieve their dream and be able to be confident to enjoy everything they do. My Moto is DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE and Live active Life.

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