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Top Reasons Why CBSE students Should Consider GIIS FUTURE READY Merit Scholarship

Neyda Haq
May 28, 2021
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A scholarship is a stepping stone which only elevates the student and their learning experience. It is not about the financial background they come from, although it might be the eligibility criteria of some scholarships. A scholarship opens them up to opportunities which they would miss out otherwise. Their candidature stands out in their future endeavours and makes them one-of-a-kind. 

To attain a scholarship, a student must compete with several others and shine brighter than their competition to come out as a winner. The winner proves their hard work, their spirit, and their learning potential. Such virtues are awarded through merit scholarships. They give them a boost for their career and confidence. One such scholarship is the Global Indian International School’s FUTURE READY Merit Scholarship. 

This scholarship rewards CBSE school students exhibiting academic excellence. One of Global Indian International School's key principles is to impart a high standard of education and train each child to become a responsible citizen. This scholarship is designed for students who perform at par with these standards, showcasing early signs of becoming a responsible global citizen. Instead of offering simple financial support, GIIS goes all the way to offering easier access to undergraduate programmes and career opportunities around the world. 

If you are a student at Global Indian International School Pune, or if you are looking for a higher platform, here are a few reasons why you should apply for the GIIS Global FUTURE READY Merit Scholarship:

1. Financial Aid:

Financial support is the prime benefit that you can avail if you receive this scholarship. A good education should not be a luxury. But some students, coming from financially weak families, might feel so. No such student must leave their dreams behind because of reasons they cannot control. This scholarship rewards students who prove to be meritorious through their results, irrespective of their financial condition. Hence, students are awarded on the basis of their hard work, offering an equal platform to all. The Global FUTURE READY scholarship gives the students the opportunity to prove their mettle through their performance and avail financial aid to continue their education without hiccups.

2. Scholarships are More than Money:

While financial assistance becomes the basis of this scholarship, it is not limited to it in its scope. The students who receive this honour receive mentoring from professionals from diverse industry backgrounds, universities, and more. There is a constant exchange of information and thoughts that contribute significantly to improving each student's personality. They evolve to become better individuals with well-rounded thoughts by hearing perspectives from people making it big in their fields. The school organizes workshops, skill training, seminars, interview preparations, etc. They act as a bridge between students and universities around the world.

3. Networking:

Networking is an important skill needed to become a global citizen. This scholarship helps students take their first step in the field of networking. When a student receives a scholarship, it opens them up to a pool of resources, people and opportunities. They meet students of varied backgrounds who contribute significantly to their growth journey. The scholarship recipients become a part of an exclusive community which builds and grows together. They exchange prospects, information and help each other for growth.

4. Career Boost:

These scholarships are not awarded to the financially weak but to the most deserving students. Winning a scholarship is a great deal of achievement for the student as it is through extensive competition. If a student’s resume features the winning of a scholarship, it means that the student is much above the average crowd. The employer would most likely choose a scholarship winner over the others as it demonstrates hardworking and a winning attitude.

5. Promotes Philanthropy:

Scholarship opportunities are specially designed to aid students of merit. If a student receives such a scholarship, they understand its value. Scholarships make students more empathetic and sensitive to the social problems of the world. When they grow up, they often become socially responsible leaders who aim to give back to society. 


There are four categories in which the Global FUTURE READY Merit Scholarship is awarded to students of Hadapsar Campus - Grade 7-10 and Balewadi Campus - Grade 7-12 (For Academic Year 2020-2021)

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● Category A: CBSE/ ICSE/ State Boards/ Other Boards Students : 97.01%  and above or IGCSE / GCE/ GCSE  "0" Level Students : A* in ALL 9 subjects, students get 20% off on tuition fees

● Category B: CBSE/ ICSE/ State Boards/ Other Boards Students : 95.01% to 97.0%, GCSE / GCE/ GCSE  "0" Level Students : A* in ALL 8 subjects, students get 15% off on tuition fees.

● Category C: CBSE/ ICSE/ State Boards/ Other Boards Students : 93.01% to  95.0% IGCSE / GCE/ GCSE  "0" Level Students : A* in 7 Subjects, students get 12% off on Tuition fees

● Category D: CBSE/ ICSE/ State Boards/ Other Boards Students : 90.0% to  93.0% IGCSE / GCE/ GCSE  "0" Level Students : A* in 6 Subjects, students get 10% off on Tuition fees

The scholarship is valid for two academic years. The continuation of scholarship into the second year is subject to the review of student performance. The student must achieve at least a score equivalent to the category based on which scholarship was granted to them. If only they meet the eligibility criteria in the second year, the amount will be disbursed into the registered bank account.

Neyda Haq

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