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The Boom of Nursery Schools in Hadapsar, Pune

Rupali Karekar
Jul 30, 2021

“The rise of new nursery schools in Hadapsar, Pune and its many benefits.”

Pune is a sophisticated city known for its lush greenery, educational institutions, and numerous tourist attractions around. As a result of these characteristics, Pune has become a hotspot for people looking to relocate to the city. 

Pune is renowned as the "Oxford of the East" because of its several prestigious educational institutions. Pune has also seen a significant increase in the IT sector, with many big corporations establishing offices here. 

As a result of all of this, Pune has become a popular location for both students and working professionals. 

Pune's Hadapsar neighborhood is an up-and-coming real estate hotspot, has a strong demand for and supply of property, with a variety of property types available in a range of price ranges. 

It is one of Pune's more developed areas, with significant employment centers such as Hadapsar Industrial Area and SP Info city. The neighborhood is also close to the airport, railway station, and NH-65. 

Education in Pune

To give you an idea of how popular Pune is as a learning destination, the University of Pune, which is the city's mainstay of higher education, has a current enrollment of over five lakh students. 

It has grown to become the country's second largest university, with 811 affiliated institutions offering over 400 study programs in various fields. The University of Pune (also known as Savitribai Phule Pune University) isn't the only institution that attracts students.

Other deemed universities and private higher education institutes in the city are immensely popular with Indian and international students.

The schools not only teach kids the fundamentals of academics, but also instill in them the values of our cultural heritage in order to help them become better citizens of India. 

There are schooling systems at all levels here, including State Boards, CBSE, ICSE, and so on, but the quality of education provided to their children is consistent. Many of the schools were built over a century ago. 

Today's schools in Hadapsar, Pune, in addition to the academic curriculum, imbue students with cultural morals, provide defense training, and provide various facilities such as Abacus and Vedic Maths learning skills to maintain their connection with ancient teaching practices combined with current social hysteria.

Why is Hadapsar the New Hub?

Hadapsar is one of Pune's most important business areas, including three Special Economic Zones (SEZs): Phursungi IT Park, Magarpatta City, and Amanora Parktown. TCS, ADP, IBM, Sybase, Mphasis, SAS, Amdocs, John Deere, Option One, Accenture, Aruman, and Patni are just a few of the well-known IT companies that have offices in this area. 

As a result, Hadapsar has seen a significant increase in its working population, resulting in increased demand for residential flats. 

1. Excellent connectivity - Hadapsar's advantageous location is one of the factors that propels it to the top of the list. The area is close to Pune's old central business areas and offers easy access to major routes such as MG Road, Solapur Road, and Nagar Road.

2. Affordability - Hadapsar is less expensive than its neighboring areas of Fatima Nagar and Camp. The prices are around 20% lower here, despite the fact that the infrastructure is more contemporary.

3. Excellent social infrastructure - Hadapsar benefits from being surrounded by developed neighborhoods, which means it has excellent infrastructure. All civic amenities, entertainment venues, hospitals, schools, and convenience stores have already been established.

How to Choose Among the Best Nursery Schools in Hadapsar, Pune?

1. Academic Fabric

What a youngster learns and experiences throughout his or her formative years sticks with him or her for the rest of his or her life. Your top focus should be ensuring that nursery schools in Pune fulfil the highest standards of excellence in terms of their teachers, instructional technique, academic curriculum, and moral standards. 

Outdoor games, team sports, art & craft, hobby ideas, physical education, dance & theatre programs, and other extracurricular activities all play an important role in molding a child's entire personality. 

They can improve your child's learning capacity and sharpen his or her cerebral abilities. As a result, the availability of appropriate facilities and skilled personnel to enable this component of your child's education is essential.

2. Teacher-to-Student Ratio

Would you rather send your child to a nursery school in Pune with a maximum of 60 pupils per class or one with a reasonable maximum of 20 students per class? Obviously, you favor the latter choice because having fewer students per class allows the teacher to give personalized attention to each of her students, maximizing the student's learning capacity. 

According to research, kids in smaller classes learn more, achieve higher marks, and perform better in exams and non-academic activities. 

In good elementary and secondary institutions, one teacher for every 30-35 students per class is the industry standard. Therefore, check the teacher-to-student ratio before closing in on nursery schools in Pune.

3. Hospitable, Clean Environment

When it comes to children, a clean and sanitary school atmosphere is paramount at nursery schools in Pune. As a parent, you need to know whether or not this is true. Therefore, ask these questions before you make a choice. Are outdoor games and toys safe for children to play with? Is the playground kept in good repair?

Is it true that the help and teachers are clean and hygienic? - must be double-checked and confirmed in person. Is the school also well-equipped with a medical bay and staff in the event of a medical emergency involving a student? etc...These are some of the other considerations you should make when looking for nursery schools in Pune.

4. Discipline

Because we see so little of it among kids these days, this element has taken on even greater relevance. It's critical to enroll your child in a nursery school with a high level of discipline to ensure that he or she learns the appropriate values and takes responsibility for his or her behavior. The school's tactics, on the other hand, should be respectful. 

Many studies have demonstrated that a stressful school atmosphere can cause children's comprehension and learning abilities to deteriorate. It is your obligation as a parent to ensure that the nursery school where you intend to enroll your child educates children in a free, healthy, stress-free atmosphere.

5. Proximity

It is always a good idea to start by looking at the top accessible schools in your immediate area. There are many nursery schools in Pune to choose from. For example, if you reside in an industrial estate like Hadapsar, nursery schools in Hadapsar should be your first preference. 

This is vital for your child's safety and to avoid him or her from having to endure the daily misery of a long commute to and from nursery school. As a responsible parent, you must consider your child's comfort while also ensuring that the nursery school is close enough for you to get to in the minimum amount of time.

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Nursery schools in Hadapsar, Pune

Being the opportunistic, growing industrial estate that Hadapsar is, it has many nursery schools for you to analyze and choose from. A well renowned and potential nursery school in Hadapsar is the Global Indian International School. 

Enrolling your child in one of the premier Montessori international schools in Pune will help them grow into a well-rounded individual who is a member of an extraordinary learning environment where achievement is a part of their path. 


Throughout the Montessori years, the school carves the foundational years of the pupils. A nursery school should be centrally positioned and offer future-ready facilities and innovative pedagogy, resulting in an exceptional combination of conventional learning and cutting-edge technology. Such a school develops a friendly atmosphere that makes learning an exciting adventure for students.

Rupali Karekar

Ms Karekar comes with over 20 years experience in content writing and content strategy in fields from journalism and content marketing. As head of international communications, she has been actively interacting with stakeholders like the student, teacher and parent community to ensure open channels of dialogue and passage of information between all parties. As a result, the school initiatives and stakeholder performances find the right platform and voice to share their achievements.

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