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What is the Impact of the Montessori Method in Early Childhood Education?

Bhavna Saxena
Nov 30, 2021

We often envision a series of scenarios when it comes to enrolling your child into the best Montessori schools in Pune. The term Montessori opens up a thought bubble in our brains where we see our child studying in a healthy and structured environment by the best Montessori educators. 

Apparently, parents want to provide the best early childhood education to their little ones with prestigious school admission in Pune.

There is no denying the fact that the parents are always skeptical about getting distanced from their kids. Yet they wish their child to reach the sky and come out with flying colors. The fear of distance can be an alarming situation. Hence, looking for the right Montessori school is important.  

Global Indian International School brings to you the renowned Montessori education that makes learning a cakewalk for your kid. We give your child a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to the first step of education, meet like-minded kids, learn new activities and gain wonderful experience and knowledge to build a firm educational foundation.

Enfait, your little one also develops immensely mentally, physically, socially, psychologically, and emotionally. Sources suggest that kids who have great reading skills, rich vocabulary, and stronger mathematical skills are the ones who have fondly attended high-quality early childhood education in the Montessori schools in Pune.

The learning phase of your kid is the most special when they learn new experiences, new words, new emotions, and new behavioral patterns. The time, effort, and tools you provide to your children in this learning journey are no less than an investment. Every little thing makes a huge impact on their progress and can have an everlasting impression on their developing minds. 

Therefore, it is the need of the hour to look for a Montessori school for your child so that he/ she can reap the most benefits. Here is a checklist of things that indicate the impact of the Montessori method in early learning education.

1. Holistic Approach to Development

Your idea of school admission in Pune for your child must be clear. The Montessori school that you have decided upon must follow the holistic approach to help your child develop in multiple ways. The quality of Montessori educators plays an important role in their mental, emotional, social, physical, and psychological development. 

The educators should be able to analyze and understand the roots and capabilities of each student. Besides, they must adopt a holistic method to help them learn things in an innovative and effective manner.

2. Cooperation is the Key

A kid doesn’t come with a guide to cooperation. It is something that is achieved over a period of time. The Montessori school in pune ensures to nurture your kid with the amazing concept of sharing, caring, and cooperating with their friends and family. The art of cooperation also includes a series of etiquettes and practices of selflessness.

3. Socialization

Good socializing is the foundation of your kid’s growth and helps them build good relations and friendships faster. A Montessori education school indulges your kid in great fun and interactive sessions that help them overcome their shyness and meet people with much self-confidence. It is very important for your kid to interact with people without any hesitation.

4. Enthusiastic Attitude

Enthusiasm is something that has to be incorporated in a child no matter what. Apparently, a child can never really learn or develop with a boring approach. Hence, it becomes extremely important to train your guide under a highly energetic educator that encourages kids to be effective learners with a sense of curiosity, eagerness, and enthusiasm. Enthusiastic learning is the key to your child’s proper learning.

5. Teamwork

Living by the one thumb rule of “United we stand, divided we fall”, a child can achieve milestones in his/ her life. One cannot deny the importance of teamwork in any aspect of life. Hence, it is highly necessary for the Montessori school to educate your child about the importance of teamwork. 

The majority of learning and activities performed in classrooms require children to work in teams. It enables them to work faster, adapt to ideas, and perform exceptionally well. 

Global Indian International School is the best Montessori school in Pune that caters to all your needs in a trance. Meet the best Montessori educators that follow a set pattern and prepare your child to face the challenges with the right education. 

We, at Global Indian International School, bring to you 3 factors that will help your child grow in the best possible way with Montessori Education. Let us explore. 

1. Curiosity - We know very well how little children can be highly curious at times. At times, their questions can make you laugh or at times, they make you wonder about their little minds ready to explore all the horizons of the world. GIIS ensures that your child is ready to experiment, explore and take up a conversation that helps them express their thoughts and ask questions. Get ready to experience the most stunning phase of your life and watch your child grow!

2. Structure - Sending your child to GIIS is a great opportunity for them to be in a systematic and structured setting where they develop the skills to share and follow instructions. They learn all the guiding information like raising their hands to ask a question, taking turns, and getting their educator’s attention. They learn to follow instructions even at home and respond to your actions in a highly organized and structured manner.

3. Prepare - Provided that the Montessori is the very first step of your child’s learning process, it actually prepares your child for future academic learning. It helps your child with the basic pre-math and pre-literacy skills which make them absolutely perfect with ABCs and 123s. They learn academically in a fun way by responding to storytelling, building blocks, games, and other fun activities.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit us now and read more about Montessori education to give your child the best education for a bright future.

Bhavna Saxena

I am Bhavna Saxena and am passionate about teaching. It’s not just a profession for me but also the way of giving back to the society by nurturing the future citizens of our nation. I have more than 4 years of pre-primary teaching experience and as a teacher I have unconditional motivation to educate all and give wings to the dreams of my students. I like todiscover hidden talents and it is my constant endeavour to evolve with the modern ways of teaching. My role is to carve the strengths and overcome the weaknesses of the students to ignite the flame of curiosity in the young minds. I’m a professional and determined in bringing positivity in my students’ lives.

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