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Reasons to Choose Early School Program and its Impact on Your Child

Bhavna Saxena
Dec 4, 2020
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Many young mothers today make a considerable part of the workforce. This means that the need for structured and formal early childhood care and education has increased. It has led educators and other researchers to look at preschools and how it affects a child's academic future. One thing is clear, though, early childhood education aids a child's social, emotional, and physical development. It is much less about academics and more about equipping the child with the relevant skills to make them ready for kindergarten.

Key elements of excellent early childhood education

The government and other relevant organisations have come up with standards that make the best early childhood program. The aim is to differentiate the institutions that offer care and provide care and education. These standards clearly define what children should know at every stage of development. Teachers must be trained in early childhood care and education so they can understand every child and how they learn best.

As one of the best preschools in Pune, GIIS Pune follows these guidelines and by providing ample training to teachers and staff to ensure the highest standards. 

1. Classroom design

A typical classroom for young students should have mini tables and chairs, accessible shelves where children can reach their bags and other learning materials, designated work stations such as arts and crafts areas and much more. Additionally, the learning materials should be age-appropriate for children under three years, such as picture books and number lines. 

2. Teachers

We expect to see teachers talking to children at eye level, engaging students in the classroom, supervising students as they work and play, and much more. Professionally trained and certified teachers can understand and correctly interpret a child’s gestures and facial expressions toward their teachers, such as hand-holding or quick hugs. Such gestures show that the child is comfortable with the teacher. 

3. Social-emotional development

We encourage students to express their feelings and interact with other students during group activities and play. Encouraging language skills and good manners when talking to their peers and adults is an important aspect of a good preschool in Pune. Activities that encourage patience, listening, and other essential virtues to help them advance to higher academic levels are an important part of the daily routines.

Qualified and experienced teachers know how to handle toddler tantrums and unrest with ease.  In a preschool classroom, calm and firm disciplinary actions help children understand the importance of dialogue and a positive attitude. Most classrooms have a designated corner where upset children sit and regain self-control. Time-outs are also short between 3-5minutes. 

4. Academics

An important part of early childhood education is learning the academic skills in writing, math, creative arts, reading, science and technology. Students learn basic concepts through play so a preschool classroom will have games and activities like puzzles, building blocks, and more. They are encouraged to sing the alphabet and recite some numbers. They also learn shapes and patterns and understand the opposites such as big and small, tall and short to keep them curious and informed. Children also get to use tablets to create art or watch educational videos.

5. Safe environment

Children are naturally curious, and toddlers walk around everywhere and touch everything when no one is watching. It is, therefore, essential for a preschool classroom to be baby-proofed. Tall furniture should be against the walls, cords carefully tucked away along with wide entrances and exits - a generally clean environment. We ensure there are no open water bodies near the children's classrooms as well. 

Impact of early childhood education on your child

Studies have shown that a high-quality preschool education is directly related to the successful development of a child's cognitive, social and emotional development. Additionally, these skills have been said to last a lifetime, meaning a child will grow with love for learning and become a responsible human being. 

1. Children learn good habits.

Children get accustomed to daily routines when they attend preschool. Exercises such as washing their face, brushing their teeth, and getting ready for school help children form good habits. When at school, they also follow a routine. Lessons are timed; they have snack time and time for playing. This teaches them time management and creates a sense of responsibility among children.

With time they will start getting themselves ready for school, which will create a time for bonding between parents and their children. Instead of getting your preschooler to cooperate in the morning, you will be getting ready together, simplifying life at home. 

2. Your child will be kindergarten ready

At preschool, your child will learn how to count the alphabet, storytelling and much more, which will give them the educational foundation needed for kindergarten. This foundation will create a love for learning, which will then lead to future academic success. As you know, early childhood education can start from as early as ten months. Research shows that when children start preschool that early, they are more likely to succeed in their academics. 


3. They learn social-emotional skills

SEL activities are a vital factor in early childhood education, especially in schools that focus on holistic education. Social-emotional learning helps children create meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their peers and other adults. Children who know how to express themselves and regulate their emotions become respectful people in society as they understand that their actions have consequences. Developing social-emotional skills early in life helps build confidence and self-awareness, making school life a lot easier and reducing depression and stress cases. 

4. Physical development

A high-quality preschool is designed to develop a child's motor skills. Students are allowed recess to engage in messy play, skip, jump, push, pull, jog, and much more, which helps develop their muscles. Children also engage in sensory play with things like play dough which helps strengthen the finger and hand muscles essential for writing. 

5. Children become critical thinkers

Toddlers like to experiment because they are curious about the world around them. When you give them paint, they will try mixing it to see what happens. They wonder if a bigger ball will roll faster or further than a small one. If a block tower they build keeps falling, they ask themselves what they can do better or where they have gone wrong. This boosts their problem-solving skills and builds their emotional resilience because they keep trying until they need help and ask for it. Problem-solving skills are beneficial both in the classroom and in life. 

6. Brain development

Learning materials used in preschools are designed to boost brain development among young students. Most of these learning materials have been recommended by child psychologists and have proven benefits. Things like a sensory play where children learn mostly using their senses help the brain connect physical objects and senses. For example, a child can tell that break time is over because they hear the bell’s sound.

Preschool is also an excellent way for students to appreciate the differences in society. Children interact and play with children from different social and economic backgrounds, helping them become more accommodation to other cultures. Remember, good education results in quality of life! 

Reach out to us and understand how we can help your child tap into their brilliance from an early age.

Bhavna Saxena

I am Bhavna Saxena and am passionate about teaching. It’s not just a profession for me but also the way of giving back to the society by nurturing the future citizens of our nation. I have more than 4 years of pre-primary teaching experience and as a teacher I have unconditional motivation to educate all and give wings to the dreams of my students. I like todiscover hidden talents and it is my constant endeavour to evolve with the modern ways of teaching. My role is to carve the strengths and overcome the weaknesses of the students to ignite the flame of curiosity in the young minds. I’m a professional and determined in bringing positivity in my students’ lives.

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