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How to choose the best preschool for your kid?

Yashika Harchandani
May 28, 2021
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Some  25 odd years ago, parents weren’t concerned about early education. In fact, many parents home-schooled their kids until they were old enough to get started with the 1st grade. 

But nowadays, early education has become one of the important factors. In fact, it is believed that education in the early stage of a child’s life has a positive impact on the child’s social and academic life. So, for parents, finding the right preschool is the most important decision they make for their child. 

With the increase in demand for good preschools, new preschools have sprung up around us lately. And with so many options, it becomes challenging for every parent to find the right preschool in Pune for their child. 

So, to help you with this life-impacting decision, we are assembling this blog with some of the tricks and tips that will come in handy in determining the best preschool that suits your child’s needs. 


1. Talk to other parents:

A good way to get started with the preschool finding process is by talking to your friends or neighbours about the preschools in the area. This is the best way of knowing about the reputation of the school and the experience of their

child in that particular preschool. 


2. Meet the teachers:

Once you have talked to the parents, you can proceed to meeting the teachers and principal. They will be primarily involved in your child’s life outside a safe, secure and comfortable house. Hence it makes total sense to talk to them too. Inspect the teacher-to-student ratio to know if your child will be receiving proper attention in the class or not. See if the teachers are properly qualified to deal with children of young age. Besides, the teacher must also share a similar wavelength with you. 


3. Inspect the infrastructure and safety precautions:

It is important to see if the environment, people and activities will suit your child’s personality and needs too. Even if you aren’t interested in the expensive gizmos and play areas, it is wise to inspect the teaching aids and play equipment employed by the school. 

You should check if the environment of the school leverages the school’s philosophy by stimulating the child’s minds and supporting creative expressions. 

Likewise, the equipment quality, layout and location of the play area and classes will give you an indication of how the school takes care of student’s safety.

Another important thing to look at is how the school tracks students when they are dropped and dispersed. Knowing about these factors will help you be assured that you get adequate safety initiatives for your tiny tot, that justify the school fees you pay for enrolling your child to a preschool in Pune.


4. See if there is adequate parent involvement:

Based on how proactively you want to be involved in your child’s education, you may want to find out how actively the school seeks the ideas from the parents along with their help. Some schools may have an open-door policy for parents, but some may be very strict about the visitations from parents in school premises. There may be restrictions, with set days marked for observation.   

Regardless, you need to find out how the school plans to share details and keep you updated about your child’s progress. Also, inspect their policy for parent and teacher interaction. 

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5. Convenience of the location:

Another consideration you must make is transportation. Too much time travelling in a school bus or car will only result in a tired child by the time he/she reaches school. It is best to opt for a preschool that is nearby. This way, the child will be able to make friends who he can connect with during the weekends and even after school. 

However, if you are a working parent, then having a school near your work area can help you bond with your child during the time spent in the car. This way, you are easily available for your child in events that readily need your presence. 

Regardless of what your decision is, it is important to keep the location in mind when choosing the preschool. 


6. School hours:

Most preschools function for three hours maximum. Some preschools also provide day-care facilities along with extended hours to carry out activities like nap, snacks, quiet playing and other things for parents who work outside the home. 

So, if you are concerned about your child’s care after preschool hours, then go for preschools that are fully equipped with all the services you require as a working parent. 


7. Visit the premises for first-hand experience:

This is the step where you will need to trust your instincts. Consider your first impulse when you visit or walk into the school. Does the ambience feel joyful and warm? If possible, request a tour of the facilities.

If you have questions, make sure to raise them. Ask if the child is offered learning independence and a chance to express their creativity. Don’t forget to ask about how the school deals with discipline and conflicts. 

Check the pictures hanging around; this may give you a clue of the school’s philosophy. See if the drawings made by the preschoolers support imaginations, or do they look too good to be made by a toddler, etc.

Your selection procedure should also contain monetary considerations. But this consideration is quite easy to make. But for the rest of the other parameters, you will need to do a bit of juggling. You may require to compensate one with another until you end up making the final and right decision on the preschool that will be the wonderful and happy introduction point of education to your child’s life. 


Signing off

The preschool you choose will have a great impact on your child’s academic life.

So, it is very important that you make a sound decision now. 


This is the best way of knowing about the reputation of the schools in pune and the experience of their child in that particular preschool.

Yashika Harchandani

With sheer determination, hardwork and a meticulous approach towards work, I, Yashika Harchandani, have successfully completed 10 years in the field of education. Well planning, efficient preparation and constant practice have helped boost my level of confidence. I have the potential of delivering meaningful and interesting lessons using innovative teaching strategies and methodologies. I believe in giving indepth and clear explanations including practical examples to suit the maturity level of the students. As a good teacher, I possess certain essential qualities as being friendly, outspoken, firm yet polite, flexible, possessing good communication skills, empathetic and considerate towards the needs of the children.  

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